Great article! Here are some of the points I mention when people ask me why I choose Angular over React:

- React is unopinionated. There is no "right" way to do something in React. There is no style guide, and each project can look totally different.

- There are multiple solutions for everything, which is sometimes useful, but it's also time-consuming and confusing.

- Not RxJS friendly.

- CSS in JS. ( performance, learning curve )

- Lack of directives.

- Lack of DI.

- Context Hell.

- I'm not too fond of hooks. They can quickly become unreadable, tedious, and hard to follow. In addition, the dependencies array is memory-consuming.

- The ecosystem is more significant than Angular, but you'll find that not each library supports TS, and it's also NOT actively maintained.

- React is a view layer, not a framework. You'll need to use a 3rd tool for everything—router, forms, CSS encapsulation, animations, CLI, etc.

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